Benjamin J. Ramsey

State Bar Number 206629

Ben Ramsey provides a solid foundation of experience in all family law matters.  For sixteen years, Ben has helped numerous clients through the painful experience of dissolution and child custody arrangements.  Being involved in any kind of litigation is enormously stressful for the parties, but family law issues can be among the very most emotional to resolve.  Ben offers calm, sound advice for his clients, always laying out effective and economical litigation plans to achieve efficient resolution. When you meet Ben, you will note that he has a calm and patient demeanor.  Be assured, however, that Ben knows when it is necessary to be aggressive and does so thoughtfully, producing positive results.

Ben also has specialized experience in juvenile dependency matters, representing children who have been removed from their parents by child protective services.  Further, Ben has been appointed by the court to represent children in guardianship cases stemming from family law matters.  Ben carries an insightful perspective of the effect of litigation on children of divorcing parents and will always make their welfare the prime consideration between parents in conflict.

Ben’s background includes criminal defense work, dating back to his time as a supervising research assistant in the Sacramento Public Defender’s Office.  His experience in DUI and domestic violence cases informs his approach to family law matters that too often involve these types of issues as they relate to custody and protective orders.  Ben is well versed in the many different circumstances that tend to enter and impact the process of dissolution; he has encountered just about every facet of family law over the past sixteen years.

The last thing people who are going through the pain of divorce or separation need is an attorney who inflames emotions and unnecessarily extends court fights, thereby increasing costs and financial pressure. Ben believes that the toughest challenge on any dissolution matter is determining a strategy that is most consistent with the reality of the economic issues in dispute; this requires weighing the objectives against the costs of litigation.  You can always count on this candor from Ramsey Legal Services.

For a more specific description of the types of issues Ben has successfully encountered in his career, see his Professional Experience.