Our History

Ben and Samantha Ramsey strive every day to uphold the professional standards set by their father, attorney and mediator Joe Ramsey.  Joe grew up in Sacramento, attended Arcade Middle School, played varsity baseball (catcher) for El Camino High School, and went on to earn both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor from Stanford University.  Joe practiced across many specialty areas over the course of his fifty years as a member of the California State Bar, from his beginnings as a Deputy Attorney General through nearly three decades and approximately a hundred jury trials in general practice.   As a pioneering private mediator in the Sacramento region, Joe began dispute resolution in the mid-1980s, continuing with great success right up to his death in September 2012.

A thematic component throughout Joe’s career was his commitment to pro bono work.  He devoted four decades of his life to serving the Humane Society of the United States in various capacities, including Chairman of the Board of Directors.  He was a fierce defender of civil rights; he represented victims of civil rights abuses in the Eastern District of the United States District Court on a pro bono basis; and he volunteered as mediator and resolved several significant civil rights cases.

Ben and Samantha appreciate every day the civility, integrity, courage, and work ethic their father embodied.  Ramsey Legal Services is guided by that example; Ben and Samantha are committed to providing high quality representation, delivered with experience, wisdom, thoughtfulness, and tenacity.